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Take stock, slow down, connect with people and appreciate the hell out of life!

Founded by Georgina Jones, an award-winning coach, author, TEDx talker and motivational powerhouse, Turn Lights On is all about igniting a spark in others to create positive experiences and a positive world.

Research has proven that we are ‘in the moment’ 50% of the time spending half of our time worrying about the past or stressing about the future. It is when we are present that we are happier, more productive and more charismatic.

Turn Lights On teaches people ways to live a more present, connected, fulfilled life. Our customers use the practice for relationships, communication wellbeing and careers, one of our customers made the Rio Olympics by using some of our methods.

We’ve appeared on ITV news, London Live and in the national press. Our customers include Innocent drinks and National Office of Statics.

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We have a monthly event called Monday Like a Friday 

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Our aim is to Inspire you, Connect you with other like minded people and energise you, let us do it!



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