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The happiness practice spreading across the UK! Check out Turn Lights On’s press mentions and videos below. If you have any general PR or press inquiries email [email protected] 07977572050


The Turn Lights On mobile detoxing retreat was featured on the ITV national news in August 2016. The news also featured an interview with George about tech-detoxing


In August, following research published by Ofcom, Georgina tells the Mirror why a self-imposed digital detox can be a good thing to practice.

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Innocent Unplugged

For the last 2 years George has been  invited to talk about Turn Lights On at Innocent Drinks’ festival. The video below shows a summary of this years festival and includes a snippet of George’s talk.



George wrote an article for the wedding magazine Vows and Venues to help brides  boost their confidence when rocking the big white dress.

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Wales online logo

George shared 10 secrets to living a happier life with Wales online. From mastering the present moment to the value placed on relationships, she reminds us that we should be mindful of what enhances our happiness and what maintains and influences it.

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ASOS Mobile phone separation

Turn Lights On gave advice to ASOS customers about how to live a more digitally balanced life. Georgina explores how to replace bad habits with good ones.

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National Unplugging day

The founder of National Unplugging day came to our digital detox retreat and wrote about her experience. “Endless energy, positivity and willingness to ensure all the guests had the best experience possible”.

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Daily Mail Logo

George talks to the Mail about how the majority of people crave tech free interaction, but are unsure how to do it.

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Daily Express logo

Georgina tells the Express about an increasing number of young people who want to disconnect from technology.

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Daily Star

Georgina tells the Daily Star how Brits are unsure how to set boundaries when it comes to digital technology.

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George was interviewed on the Jason Mohammad show in May 2016 about teaching happiness habits


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George was interviewed on Sky News Radio in May 2016 about the importance of digital detoxing

George was interviewed by London Live about how constantly being on our mobile phone can effect happiness







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