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Here's How Practicing Turn Lights On Helps People...

Turn Lights On is an instant practice that gives you the toolkit you need for a successful life.  I recommend it if you have a busy life that you want to enjoy.

Hayley Parsons (OBE) / Entrepreneur, Founder of Go Compare

Being a born cynic, I really didn’t know what to expect from TLO. But when George described how we should try to live in the now, it really struck a chord with me as I’m a constant worrier. She definitely turned my light on and I’m looking forward to spreading the light around my friends and family.

Kathryn Chadwick / Joined Us For A Workshop

George has spoken at a number of events for our community at ICE, and every single time her unique and inspiring world-view leaves everyone in the room full of energy and inspired to develop their ideas.  Seeing someone who lives and breathes her message helps give others the confidence to take theirs forward.

Mandy Weston / Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise


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