Turning lights on in New York City

June 24th, 2013

In May Georgina returned to New York city her favourite place on the planet! The reason was to guest speak at Jeanne M Stafford networking event.

Georgina Jones was the guest speaker at my Networking Event this spring. She introduced TLO, Turn Lights On and the steps to create positive and powerful human connections. Georgina herself is a powerhouse of humour and positivity and her message and energy are contagious!
Georgina brought light from within and provided tangible take-a-ways that my group of New York executives immediately implemented in their own lives. I would highly recommend Georgina to groups seeking to motivate and create action from their teams.

Jeanne M Stafford – Motivational Coach and Speaker – New York


We are waiting for the footage and photos from the event, soon as they are with us we will post them.

Here is a picture of Georgina doing some sight seeing in the big apple, she cant wait to return for some exciting meetings in July.

2014-05-09 13.09.33





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