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May 31st, 2014

So the website is live, Joel Hughes  has done a sterling job, we are thrilled with how it looks. Let me tell you what we have planned…..

Audio – Georgina is off to the recording studio next week to record an audio version of the free chapter and then to start work on the podcasts. If you are interested in having free weekly podcasts to turn your light on sign up to the newsletter 

Film – Next week Georgina is having meetings to start filming TLOTELLY which is going to be filled with inspiration and interviews on living the TLO practice.

Shop – In time for Christmas there will be the TLO Shop where you can buy Phone covers, books, posters and more. We do have the wonderful  Dizzyjam TLO shop currently so get yourself a T shirt, mug or bag NOW. Here are some samples of things to come…

photo (48)

Phone case for an iphone, this reminds you to put your phone down so you can’t see the screen so you can Turn Lights On.

photo (50)

A book to scribble all your inspiration down, makes a great journal too.


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