July 19th, 2014

Feeling like you need a lift? A pick me up? Well, do we have something for you! The 30 Day SWITCH ON has just begun.

What is it?
For 30 days you Turn as many Lights On as possible then record the results by blogging, tweeting and facebook updates.

Use the hashtag #30days – I can’t wait to read your stories and hear how you are changing the world for the better.

So what do you need to do…

This is being present in the moment with people, talking to them, connecting with them, really being THERE! Seeking to understand what is going on with them. It’s a simple practice with massive results!
Trust me, sharing positive energy feels good and confidence is gained by giving! Try it! Make people feel good; when you share a smile and a story, stuff happens. We are better together and the more connected we are in our lives the happier we are.

If you are unclear about what TLO is, read the first chapter of the book .
I will look forward to hearing about your SWITCHED ON STORIES.

Lighten up your world and live a life you LOVE.

“Some people seek happiness others create it”; be a creator!

Enjoy Turning Lights On – BEWARE, IT’S ADDICTIVE!

Thanks everyone.


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