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August 10th, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This week on twitter and Facebook I would like to introduce you to my mother Anne Jones! My mother has been running a quote of the day club since 2009. Every day without fail my mum sends out a quote of the day. These quotes go all around the world inspiring people to be happy and live a like they love.

I am always impressed with my mother’s consistency in remembering to send the quotes this is no easy task with work, family, holidays and life in general.

All of my family gets involved with the quotes of the day. If my sister hasn’t received her quote in the morning she calls my mother to check where quote of the day is… as all her work colleagues are waiting to be inspired!

Many people in the quote of the day club are in leadership positions so the quotes have been used to inspire people in many businesses. I have certainly used them with teams I have had the pleasure working with and used them when I have been running programmes.

When Go compare recently decorated their new amazing offices they displayed one of my mother’s quotes in their meeting room.  Their offices are truly inspiring a clear reflection of how wonderful they are for their people.

A quote can sometimes just jump off the page and connect with you or provide some insight on what you could do? Help you with an issue? Or just put a smile on your face.

I know this week you will enjoy my mother’s quotes that she has especially selected for the Turn Light On Happening.  If you would like to be a part of the quote of the day club follow @annejones34

Have an inspiring week and if you see a quote that inspires you SHARE IT and Turn lights on.

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