A trip to the post office

October 29th, 2014

Morning everyone

I’m sitting here at 7am inspired to write about a lovely TLO moment I had the other day.

I wanted to write about my trip the other day, to the post office. It was a wet, windy, morning so I quickly ran into the post office, out of the rain, with the mission to post my two old phones back to Orange to recycle them. When I got to the front of the line I was greeted by the gentleman that was serving and we started discussing the best way to get my phones back to Orange. The reason why I was sending my two phones back because now I am the proud owner of an iPhone 6!  As soon as I got to the counter I started, of course, turning lights on, asking the gentleman behind the counter how he was and how his day has been. I’m always surprised how shocked people are when you genuinely ask people how they are and really mean it. We say, “how are you?” so many times in life without really meaning it. A dull monition, lacklustre emotion, “how are you?” normally receives the similar “fine thanks”

When you turn peoples lights on you really mean the question, “how are you?” your tone, intention and eye contact is completely different. I suppose that is what shocks people! Anyway, back to the gentleman and the post office…

After our cheery start we got into how the new iPhone 6 performed and I was showing him some of the features. Then another gentleman joined into our conversation saying that his brand of phone was much better! Then the lady behind the counter started talking about Apple products and that they are so easy to use. After about 3 mins we are all laughing, joking and sharing phone stories. I left the post office almost skipping out. Why? Because when I entered the post office is was silent, with no energy and not the best place to be. I entered with the view of turning lights on and then everything else happened naturally.

So where are you going to light up today? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can just start with a “Hello, how are you?” and a “Hello, how are you?” that you really mean. Please let me know how you get on via twitter @tlonow or facebook 

I hope this story has inspired you to have more TLO moments today, it feels great…enjoy it.

Have a great day


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  1. Well done, George! Great story with a simple start and joy filled end!

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