It worked for me, Bridget Jones, can it work for you?

January 2nd, 2015

Bridget Jones Diary is one of my favourite films, I can watch it over and over and always laugh. Bridget takes control of her life by keeping a diary, can a diary really help you control your life? Well I believe it can.


I have been keeping a diary for a fair few years and it’s something that I write about in the Turn Lights On book. I think the benefits of keeping a diary/journal are huge. When I left my last company I bought all the members of the company their own diary as I wanted them to have their best year ever. I selected them all special diaries and heard from one of them the other day to say she uses hers everyday, that made me very happy.

I want you to have the best year ever so here are some reasons why keeping a diary helps you have a life you love.

1. It is a great way to end the day – It gives you the opportunity to be grateful and thankful for the things that happened that day. Reliving a moment that made you smile can really make you feel wonderful and going to sleep in a positive state is VERY important. A great book that demonstrates this is Feeling is the Secret by Neville Godard.


2. Helps you to understand why people do what they do -Sometimes people can upset us and in the heat of the moment we don’t understand and sometimes lash out. Having some time to reflect is a perfect time to understand why they behaved the way they did and not to take things personally.

3. Helps you see some patterns of good or bad habits – This is what I really learnt, writing something down each day last year I was able to review the year. I picked up 34 things that I am now aware of that are having an influence in my life. This is when cause and effect really comes into play. I now know to be aware of them so I can move forward in the right direction.

4. It inspires you to have something to write – I had to buy a bigger diary this year as my life is packed full of exciting stuff as I’m doing and creating exciting stuff! The days when I haven’t had much to report (sometimes are needed as they maybe relaxation or rest days) I have to say there is nothing better than frantically writing all the super cool things that happened in your day because you made them happen.

5. It’s a great stress reliever – Parking stuff down on a piece of paper can really help, help to get it out of your head where it could cause you to worry and down onto paper where it is more likely to be actioned.

6. It can help you sleep – Thankfully I sleep like a baby (maybe because of my diary) I think sometimes if you are awake and your mind is racing with STUFF writing this STUFF down can really help.

7. Puts things in perceptive – Sometimes I read back over my diary and I’m always surprised at how silly things just sorted themselves out in the end. Recording your life is such a great way to understanding you.

My New Years Day morning started with me getting out my diary of 2014 and reading each day. This was a very gratifying experience as 2014 was truly a great year filled with joy, laugher, scary moments, beautiful people and of course TLO. I now have a clear focus and vision for what I want in 2015 and this has been massively helped by my diary. My Georgina Jones handbook! It was like looking at the instructions before you attempt the Ikea chest of draws!

You have only missed one diary entry this year, there is still time? You don’t have to write war and peace just a few insights, feelings, events that have happened that day. Go on, pop to the shop, buy a diary or a book and start writing your life, it’s your story waiting to be written.

Thanks for reading, Happy New Year, Love George

Ps Always place diaries in safe places away from nosy parkers! You want to let rip and if you are putting a censored version it’s not going to have the same effect.


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