The Very First TLO Turned On Team session with Tenovus

March 2nd, 2015

On the 11th February I did the first ‘Turned On Team’ session which is a corporate offering by TLO, designed to inspire people to perform to the very best of their ability in their jobs, by living in the moment.

I’m so passionate about businesses understanding how using ‘presence’ more will really benefit their organisations. Doing one simple thing can help leaders start transforming their businesses and give them a better relationship with their people – today, in this moment. Stop using email and stop sitting at your desk and go talk to people. See, I told you it was simple!

TLO is about engaging your people to understand what their light is or in other words, understand what motivates them so they can motivate your customers and each other, and really add value to your business.

If your people are really there, showing up to work being present, being aware, being alive, it can make a massive difference to the way they speak to your customers and also to their energy. Everyone wants an energetic (and therefore more productive) workforce, and an energetic workforce comes from people who love, respect and care for themselves.

So our very first TLO Turned On Teams came in the form of a day long training session with Tenovus, the leading cancer charity in Wales who support people affected by cancer. I was really pleased to be asked to be asked by Tenovus to come and work with them again. I’d worked with them previously with Sing and Inspire, helping them to launch their ‘Sing with Us’ project, which led to us making a TV programme with them, so I was thrilled to be asked to go back and work with some of their choir leaders to help turn their lights on.

We had a fantastic day, we looked at exploring everyone’s uniqueness, so what do they bring to work, what is unique about them, the people who work there and what that means in relation to the work they do for Tenovus. Then we did some work on understanding the power of presence, understanding what stops us being present and what stops us being in the moment.

We talked about the kind of things that could stop us being in the moment – the ego, tiredness, the state of our health and wellbeing, the environment we work in and probably the biggest blocker of them all – fear. Once they knew what was stopping them, we moved onto finding ways to be more in the moment, with action planning and mentoring to really help everyone engage with the people they work with.

One of the things that really struck me during the session, it was amazing actually, was getting everyone to connect with why they did their job – their purpose for doing it. And it couldn’t be about them, it had to be about the people they were seeing on a day to day basis. Some of the people they work with are suffering with cancer, some are recovering from cancer so it is absolutely key that they are there purely to support those people.

We focussed on why they did their job so they could go into a situation not thinking about themselves, but thinking about what they were there to give. And do you know what? It turns out when we think about giving and the other person, that’s when things like fear and ego just move aside, it’s about the other individual, it’s about what you are giving to that mission or cause.

We really had some lightbulb moments, they had some fantastic purposes for doing the job they did, and it was just wonderful to see that these beautiful people are making such a difference to people that really need it all over Wales,running their 15 choirs now. What a humbling experience for me and a wonderful beginning for TLO Turned on Teams.

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