Only a week to go until Cheltenham! Meet some of the speakers….

March 24th, 2015

Can you believe it, a week today we will be in Cheltenham. We are very excited and can’t wait! So yesterday we promised we’d tell you a bit about the amazing speakers we’ve got lined up for TLO is Happening Cheltenham. Read on to get to know them a tad better…..





Georgina is the founder of Turn Lights On. She will be sharing some tips and techniques about the TLO practice from the Turn lights On Book, on how you can live a life that you love. She approaches this in a practical, pragmatic way, you don’t have to have any particular beliefs to practice TLO, just a desire to live a better life and let’s face it everyone wants that! Georgina is a very lively and energetic speaker, and I’m sure at the end of the evening you will leave with your lights turned, as well as understanding how TLO can help you, and just as importantly help you to help other people.


Swansea TLO happening


Kirsten owns The Food Remedy Company, which helps people to understand what they’re putting into their bodies and how to eat more healthily, as well as looking at the emotional connection we have with food. Kirsten is a nutritionist who has worked with a number of high profile nutritionists and supporters of healthy eating, including that much loved chef Jamie Oliver! Kirsten was one of our speakers in TLO is Happening Swansea and loved it so much she wanted to come along to Cheltenham with us too. Her talk was inspirational, the feedback for her was fantastic, people really connected with her as she spoke from the heart. Kirsten will be helping people turn their lights on in respect of their relationship with food, so if you’re constantly on a diet or confused about food, Kirsten will talk about this in her fun and quirky way. We’re grateful to Kirsten for flying the flag at TLO is Happening Cheltenham!



Jeff Smith is a very inspiring guy who set up bigmoose, a non – profit organisation which helps people lead better, healthier and kinder lives. Jeff and bigmoose are involved with a number of activities which support charities in and around the Cardiff area, as well as further afield. Georgina met Jeff a couple of months ago at one of his fund raising events, and she was just taken aback by the passion and energy this guy has for what he does and the impact bigmoose has had on so many people. We’re thrilled that Jeff is going to speak at the Happening

Well that’s it for today folks, tune in tomorrow for another getting to know you session with the rest of our speakers and don’t forget to get your tickets for the Happening in The Swan in Cheltenham. They’re available from 9am this Thursday, the 26th of March.

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