Proud to be a part of Innocent Unplugged

March 11th, 2015

Innocent Unplugged-290-Edit 1024pxWow wee words do not describe how massively proud and excited I am to be apart of this ambitious, magic, wonderful, needed festival. I will be running an hour-long session on the Sunday for the festival goers.

InnocentUnplugged is about going off grid and getting back to being emotionally connected to the people around you and the world you live in. Ditching the phones, tablets, laptops and just being, laughing, eating, dancing and living. 

Innocent Unplugged-192-Edit 1024px

If you fancy coming tickets are available (it’s free!). I would love to see some of The Happening movement join me, just think of all the lights we can turn on without technology getting in the way!

The good news is I will also be running a competition soon to give away two free tickets so keep visiting the site and our social media channels!

Have a great day, turn lights on

from a very excited and happy

George x

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