TLO Happened in Swansea!

March 5th, 2015

TLO is Happening arrived in Swansea on the 19th of February. We held the event in the Vaults which is underneath the No Sign Wine Bar. I was thrilled to be in Swansea as it was where I grew up, I moved there when I was 11 from Ammanford so it was like a homecoming for me. Even more so when I saw some people from school sat in the audience, I was chuffed they’d made the effort to come along. Some of my family were there as well, my mother and father were on the door!

They had their work cut out for them that night I can tell you. We were expecting around 50 people to turn up, I couldn’t believe it when my sister came running up to me to tell me my mother had a queue outside. I had to go and see for myself and sure enough people were queuing to get into the event! We had to get more chairs and tables, we managed to fit everyone in and in the end we had over 70 people at the event – what an amazing feeling that was.

The event was fantastic. If you’ve not been to a TLO is Happening, it’s a massively inspirational event where people get to listen to some amazing speakers who will motivate and hopefully inspire them to make some positive changes in their lives. I started by talking about the TLO movement and how the movement is growing. I was super excited to tell everyone that we already had two more events planned, one in Cheltenham on the 31st of March and another in London on the 23rd of April.  I then talked about the TLO book and what I wanted to achieve with it.

Swansea TLO happening

Then I introduced our first speaker, Kirsten Davies, a nutritional consultant who owns The Food Remedy. They offer services to help educate people about healthy food choices and help them reach their true health potential. She told her story, she really moved people by talking from the heart about her experiences, and the audience really resonated with her – they gave us some fantastic feedback about her talk and I am thrilled she came to speak at the event.

The next speaker was Jools from Simply Jools TV.  Jools in her own words is “A feisty Welsh blonde with a very simple mission, which is to change the world – one extraordinary woman at a time.”  Jools helps people to fulfil their potential to be great, and provides coaching and development. She empowers women to love the life they live. She shared with us some of her strategies to do this.  She asked two questions which really resonated with me: ‘who are you?’ and ‘who do you want to be?’, two questions that we rarely ask ourselves and I for one will be thinking seriously about in the future.

Then I signed some TLO books, we sold quite a few books that night and it’s fantastic to think that lots of people are going to be inspired by the TLO philosophy.

After the event I had some really heartwarming feedback from Vicky Thomas from Swansea, who not only attended the event, but had read the book beforehand. Vicky met a lady at the event and told her she was looking for a change in career.  Well Vicky and the lady met up after the event and Vicky is going to start working with her! Vicky said she knew she wouldn’t have met this woman if it wasn’t for the TLO event, but more than that, because she’d read the book she felt she was far more open to the opportunity. I am really excited for Vicky and I wish her all the best in her new venture.

Swansea was such a big success that we’ve decided to hold another TLO is Happening there in the summer so keep your eyes peeled for details on the website in the not too distant future.

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