March 25th, 2015

Hi everyone! It’s less than a week to go until TLO is Happening Cheltenham so today we’d like to tell you about the speakers we’ve got lined up from the Cheltenham area.

Firstly though, I need to say a big thanks to Sally Green from iWork4u Gloucestershire  who has been absolutely fantastic helping us arrange TLO is Happening Cheltenham. I asked Sally to recommend some down to earth, inspiring people who are living extraordinary lives, doing wonderful things for other people and of course turning lights on. She put me in touch with some speakers from the Cheltenham area so people of Cheltenham please come along and support these terrific people who are doing wonderful things within your community.


Neil Martin








Having achieved a miraculous transformation in his own health, Neil Martin (a.k.a. Natural Juice Junkie) is recognised as a leading authority on juicing and personal transformation, featured by leading media including the BBC and the Huffington Post. Neil’s journey to becoming the Natural Juice Junkie started when he was severely obese, taking multiple prescription medications and getting out of breath doing simple day to day things like running a bath for his children. Now, over 5.5 stone lighter and a drug free ultra marathon runner and triathlete, Neil is dedicated to helping others take control of their own health. Neil is passionate about sharing his story to help inspire others and can regularly be found speaking at seminars and events throughout the UK.


mel cheeseman








After working for a building society for 13 years Mel decided to relocate to rural Gloucestershire and search for a new role in financial services.  The new role never happened however, as her mother planted the ‘seed of study’ so in 2002 at the same time her daughter started school Mel enrolled on the Access to Higher Education course at her local college.  After successful completion of the Access course in 2003, she then accepted a place at the University of Gloucestershire as an undergraduate.  In 2007 she graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Marketing and Events Management with a specialist focus on business ethics and sustainability.  In 2007 she joined a group of students from the University of Gloucestershire and travelled to Salem College, North Carolina where she delivered a lecture to the Professors  of the college on her dissertation topic: Children as Influencers on Parents Environmental Purchases.

After a 2 year sabbatical from studying working for small businesses she went back to university once again for a year in 2009 to complete a teaching degree.  From there she successfully applied to the University of Bath Management School for a place on their Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing Management program and graduated a year later in 2011.  Continuing with her interest in business ethics and sustainability she attended a summer school program at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands.

Since then Mel has worked as a social media consultant and marketing strategist and has studied with the Institute of Leadership management to become an Executive Coach.  Through her own interest of psychology and the power of the human mind she is now specialising as a Mind Management Coach.  She also teaches at a local secondary school and is currently working on a new business project, which will launch in the summer.

She also has her own community radio show on Radio Winchcombe, called the Vitality Show.  She’s passionate about helping people to see the wonder in their own lives and show them they have all they need to make a magical life within themselves.


jay halford







Jay is a raw vegan chef who runs the Core Juice Bar which is Cheltenham’s first raw food and juice café. As well as juicing Jay provides detox and raw food programmes, and is passionate about educating people (including schools and families) about the healing power of fresh juices and raw food.

I’m really excited to meet them all and hear their stories. They are all living their lives with energy and passion and turning lights on in whatever they do. We’d love you to come along to this free event and hear their stories.

Don’t forget, tickets are on sale at 9am tomorrow morning for TLO is Happening which is being held at The Swan in Cheltenham and if you fancy a sneak preview of what it’s all about, take a look at this short film of TLO is Happening Cardiff which happened a few weeks ago.

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