Turn Lights On – Video Blogging begins.

March 6th, 2015

I spoke today for Software alliance and the workshop was lead by Pippa Davies . It was filled with inspiring women and one very nice man. I met so many people living their passion and doing great things on and offline. The world is filled with some amazing people and there were a fair few in Nantgarw this morning.

I came home with my head buzzing with ideas thinking about how I can connect more with the Turn Lights On movement online and how I can Turn more Lights On and make a positive difference to people. Then it hit me, talk to them! I love sending videos to friends and family so naturally this will be a fun and enjoyable method of communication. A great deal of people have told me before I should do Video blogging however I’ve always put it off why I dont know.

So this is my first ever video and it’s been shared already which is cool. Hope you like it, please subscribe to my channel as there will be plenty more.

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