Can you turn on lights this weekend by switching off?

May 22nd, 2015

Hello fellow lighters and a very happy bank holiday weekend to you!

This weekend the Turn Lights On family is heading to Innocent Unplugged, an amazing festival with amazing people.  To celebrate- George, our founder, has made a little video which you can see here.

We’re switching off our phones, TV’s and devices and calling on you to do the same.  We would love for you to have a great bank holiday weekend where you connect with your friends, family and even strangers.

You recall we had the #tlomissingout competition on twitter?  Well I’m glad to let you know that loads of you got in touch and are super creative! Our winner… drumroll please… Is Alexandra Khan (We’re looking forward to seeing you there).

Have a great weekend all… we’ll see you next week.

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