Turn Lights On is Growing!

May 13th, 2015

Turn lights on has been in existence since since Autumn 2013 and it has been me with the help of many friends and supporters until now my friends.

I am so proud and still can’t believe how massively honoured to have Matt Davies join the team. Matt comes with very impressive past experience, here is a little bit of what he has done.

Matt started at British Gas in the contact centre there and has done everything from taking calls, to managing award winning teams and then became a HR Manager. As a HR Manager he’s done a huge amount of work with Employee Engagement and Wellbeing, Organisation design, redeployment, Reward, Employment Law, Recognition, Absence, communication, Attrition, Performance Management, Talent, Succession Planning, Customer Service and Learning and Development. I’m sure you will agree I’m a lucky girl to have Matt a part of the TLO team.

Matt and I were chatting about his job description the other day and because TLO is a start up the role is so diverse I said “It’s like you are a jack of all trades master of none” but I wasn’t happy with the master of none part as you can clearly see Matt has mastered a lot for his ripe age of 27. We decided to call Matt’s Job title Master of all Trades! This means Matt will be doing everything from creating online product, social engagement, marketing, consultancy  to driving the bus filled with The TLO crew to the Innocent un-plugged festival, everything that helps our mission to spread the TLO movement globally.

The more passionate people that are on the team the more lights we can turn on and the more people we can inspire with our products, books and courses. Matt and I are loving working together and I can’t stop smiling!

Please feel free to send Matt a little welcome message on the blog or to [email protected] and @tlonow He would love that I’m sure.

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