We switched off and Turned Lights On at Innocent Unplugged!

June 1st, 2015

On the weekend before last the Turn Lights On team got to go to Innocent Unplugged a festival and switched all our devices off. We knew it was going to be amazing… it exceeded all of our expectations!  Our lovely friend Kate has articulated it perfectly in her blog– I recommend you have a read!

A week and a bit on and we’re still all buzzing about it! We had so much fun connecting with everyone in attendance including our competition winner Alexandra who was so excited to have won and been a part of the day!  I know Alexandra had a great time!

Our Director George told a group of festival goers, in the most cosy yurt ever, all about what exactly Turn Lights On is, and how to practice it!  Some of them went away with a copy of the book to perfect the practice; making real connections with people!

My favourite bits?

  • Seeing a founder absolutely capture the audience with what Turn Lights On is… more importantly why we do it.  We had so much good feedback all throughout the day and night!  Psst… If you’d like to find out more like us on Facebook follow us on twitter or subscribe on our website- there’s a box on the right- we’re giving away the first chapter of our book for free there!
  • Morning Gloryville– if you know what they are you can click on the link without any parental lock issue (I promise!).  The idea of getting up after just a few hours sleep in a tent to go dancing doesn’t sound that good I know.  After doing it.  I couldn’t be more of an advocate!  You can ‘Rave your way into your day’… what a great way to start right?
  • Hearing Action for Happiness inspiring us with little hints and tips of how to maintain and improve our mental wellbeing was awesome.

The main thing I’ve taken away is how much fun I had not being bound to my phone! I’m someone who loves having it as a safety blanket- using it to check emails, stay in touch (I’m constantly texting!) and I’m sure we’re all guilty of a little Facebook stalking from time to time. Innocent managed to make me go a whole weekend without it… It was one of the best weekends of my life.  I learned so much about friends I made there and took with me, we told stories, we watched performances and didn’t snap a picture.  Time slowed down.

My ask of you all is a call to action; now that I’m back in the real world I’m now more conscious of what I miss out on when I’m on my phone.  I would like you to be too! If you catch yourself checking your phone when with friends and family- call yourself on it.  Get out of the habit.  Be more in the here and now.  Turn Lights On in people; not the LED ones on your phone.  I know you’ll be happier and people will be happier to be around you!

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