Faith is a Superstar!

July 10th, 2015

Reading books that help you such as Turn Lights On in addition to books about mindfulness, NLP and other inspiring goodies can make a such a huge difference to your life. We receive feedback all the time how Turn Lights On has helped people live a better more rewarding life.

It wasn’t until my teenage years that I started reading empowering books.  Sometimes I think about what if I had been given this material when I was much younger? What would have my life been like now? Would I have made different choices? Would I have spent time with different people?  I can definately say I would have been kinder to myself!  This is why I’m writing this blog to tell you about one of our youngest lighters (as far as I know)… Faith Askey.  I met Faith’s mother Carla at Glastonbury Festival, told her about Turn Lights On and she then bought the book.  A few days later another lovely lady I met at Glastonbury, named Tina, mentioned Turn Lights On on Facebook.  Carla replied letting us know that she was enjoying the book and so was her 11 year old daughter Faith!

Carla mentioned that Faith likes books like The Secret and also reads inspirational quotes and I thought at the time WOW!  Just think how helpful having this knowledge will help her growing up.  Faith can have a massive amount of fun and really enjoy the fun that she is creating and experiencing.



As you can see Faith mentioned that she thought Turn Lights On was easier than The book The Secret to understand which is a wonderful compliment because I know how much pleasure people have taken from that very powerful book.

I love to think of Faith turning lights on in her life and all the good she is doing and I will look forward to hearing more from Carla and Faith in the future.

I wanted to say that Faith Askey is a superstar and I love the thought of all the good she is doing everyday!

Have fun and Turn Lights On on Faith


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