Turning lights on globally!

July 15th, 2015

A lovely lighter in Ibiza a friend and my previous leader in Admiral, Tanzie Oliver has been Turning Lights On in Ibiza ever since she read The book and got her hands on some cards, she has even requested if we can produce Spanish ones. The thought of someone in Ibiza having their lights turned on and turning other lights on makes us very happy and has inspired us to give you wonderful lighters a challenge.

Are you going on holidays this summer?  If so would you like a bundle of cards to turn some lights on where you go?  It maybe Margate or the Malidives! Turning Lights On worldwide is what we are all about.


I often lie in bed at night and think what if tomorrow everyone in the world woke up with the idea of turning one light on? Making one persons day,  Just think what the world will be like over night!

Making people feel happy makes us feel happy, if you want to make people feel happy please reply on Facebook, Twitter or on this blog and we will furnish you will some cards and give you our tips on Turning Lights On.

Be the change….


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