Turning lights on in Venturefest AGAIN

July 15th, 2015

Last year Turn Lights On did one of our first events at Venturefest thanks to Gareth Jones at Welsh Ice!

Wow! A year has passed and so much has happened.  We’ve turned so many lights on and have had quite a made a few Lighters (that’s what we’ve called our tribe)!  We’ve launched our first book and are creating two more books as we speak.  We’ve worked with wonderful people (Including Innocent), talked in many different venues here in the UK and the US.  We’ve grown the TLO team with the lovely Matt on board and had some wonderful TLO is happening events in Swansea, Cardiff and Cheltenham.

There’s more to come.  We’re developing online development courses and offline workshops for you.  Also lauching an event in September with Ten Mill Lane that will change how you feel about Monday forever!

I’m happy to say I’m doing what I love; doing work that makes a difference.  Do you want to do what you love? Do you want your own business?  If you do YOU NEED to come to Venturefest.

It’s not easy running a start up, you need all the help and support you can grab with your hands so this is why Venturefest is an entrepreneurs must!  There’ll be loads of support and advice that you’ll be able to be inspired by to start a business of your own.

I’m thrilled to have some of my friends helping me out on the day.  Telling their stories on how they Turn Lights On in their business and more importantly how they keep their lights on through the tricky times.

If you are interested in Venturefest have a look on the site, when you’re there come pop and see us we’d love to say hello.

I better get back to making things happen, if you are interested in our workshops, events and such other turning lights on wonders sign up to our mailing list, and we’ll give you a chapter of our book for free, or connect on social media.

Thanks lighters,





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