Get out of your own way.

August 24th, 2015

I wanted to share with you how I live TLO and how it helps me every day. Happiness is not a fluke it’s practice and sometimes you need a hand to help you with the practice.

I was thinking this morning how can I share how TLO can help you and then it hit me! In the book I talk about the Ego and how it has the potential to really mess up your life. I then remembered an Audio file that has been burning a hole in my inbox for nearly a year!

About a year ago I recorded the first chapter of The Turn Lights On book, went to the recording studio, paid the lovely chap and went on my way. I did absolutely nothing with it! Why? Because my ego was having a party! I only listened to it once and thought:

“I can’t send this out, it’s not good enough”
“I sound too Welshy”
“It’s not polished enough”
“People will think I don’t know what I’m talking about”

All of this ego talk stopped me from putting something out there. If I was practicing TLO I would have been thinking…

“This could help so many more people to practice TLO, people like me that love Audio books”
“I can make someone’s day with this message”
“This helps TLO with our mission of reaching one million lighters”

So here it is people. I am going against my ego, I’m practicing TLO and sharing with you the audio of the first chapter. You can listen to it and share it with people that enjoy audio and want to know more about TLO.

What have you got in your inbox? What story, message, idea or song is waiting to be shared with the world?

Is your ego stopping you helping yourself and other people?

Do something scary and get out of your own way, don’t take as long as I did! Do it today!

Chapter One!

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