Little Lights! The Youth Development Agency Are Turning Lights On!

August 13th, 2015

I love it when someone does something to Turn my Lights On!  This week they’ve been beaming thanks to The Youth Development Agency.  An amazing organisation that is dedicated to changing the lives of young people through non-formal learning.

The Director has written an awesome blog called ‘From Small Seeds To Large Trees, What’s Needed Is Plenty of Light‘ and it’s about some of the work they’ve done recently and how they’ve Turned Lights On in young people; Little Lights.  The blog covers how they’ve read Turn Lights On The book (Which you can buy for just £10 by clicking here) and how it’s made a difference:

“It was a great feeling knowing that I was going to sending these young people back out in to the world with their lights turned on and showing them that they had the power to change the world, one conversation at a time.”

They said of Turning Lights On:

“It was as I spoke about their ability to affect positive change in the world, one conversation at a time that I could start to see their lights turning on. The smiles on their faces and lights in their eyes fed in to what I was saying and seemed to brighten the whole room.”

“Flying back home this weekend, I felt that, at that moment, stood in front of some amazing, passionate and inspirational young people that we truly can change the world and that by opening doors for each other we begin to open doors for ourselves”

How nice is that to read?  Imagine yourself being the Lighter… how you would feel when you Turn Lights On for your children, your family, your colleagues and friends.

Turning Lights On is so easy to do, costs nothing, makes you happier, makes people feel happier (and enjoy being around you) and makes the world a better place.  The Time for Turn Lights On is now! Be part of it.  Subscribe on the right side of this blog!

From time to time we hear from our Lighters about the wonderful difference Turn Lights On has made to them.  We love it!  Get in touch via comment or inbox to let us know your TLO story!

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