Make Every Moment Matter

August 11th, 2015

Usually we watch movies to be entertained and go to a world that’s different to ours.  Sometimes you get a movie that stops you in your tracks and makes you grow.  Here’s a couple of moving movies that I wanted to share with you.  What’s your moving movie?   #movingmovie

Make Moments Matter

About Time is one of those ones that when the credits roll I thought ‘Wow’!  It’s about a person, named Tim, who turns 21 and discovers he can time travel and relive each moment until it is perfect.  What would you relive?  If you haven’t watched the movie (and want to) skip to the next paragraph! *Spoiler Alert*  Tim, after loads of experimenting to make his life perfect, goes back as far as he can and enjoys each moment being fully in the Here and Now.  Not worrying about what’ll happen tomorrow because he already knows exactly what that will be.  What would you do differently if you had Tim’s gift?  Illuminating.

About Time Movie Image

Becoming Concious

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” We’ve probably all seen this in one form or another it’s regularly, and inaccurately, associated to Albert Einstein.

Have you seen A Dinner With Andre?  it’s a thought provoking one from the 1980’s that might be a little hard to get your hands on but there’s a little snippet from it: Click Here.  Are we there now?  Are we creating a society that we’re trapped in?


We went to Innocent Unplugged a few months back.  It was so liberating.  Not being stuck in our devices and distracted by anything, not even what the Kardashians were up to!  We made real deep human connections with the people around us.

With Turn Lights On you have the opportunity to enjoy every moment, to become conscious and be the change you want to see in the world.

Do you already have the book and are Turning Lights On?  Great! Let me know how it’s going.  If not click here to get your hands on a free chapter or to buy the whole thing!

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