Turn Lights On In Your Business!

September 25th, 2015

Want to Turn Lights On In Your Business?

What’s your great idea for a business?  Already started one and are looking for some innovation?  Are you an investor looking for what’s the next big thing?  Venturefest Wales is for you!  Make yourself available on Tuesday 29th September to pop to Swalec Stadium, Cardiff.  Save your space now by registering here.

There’s a Turn Lights On area for you where you’ll hear from great business leaders about their ‘Why’- why they do what they do and how they keep Lights On in business… both the people within their business and their own!

Want Expert Coaching On You and Your Business For Free?

We’re giving away a chance to work with a leading entrepreneur who grew a business from a start up in his front bedroom to a £100 million global enterprise, employing 160 people, whilst achieving two quite exists along the way.  Ashley Cooper is the Director of Catalyst Growth Partners Wales and has generously donated an hour of his time to work with you!



For your chance to win a 121 focused on you and your business email [email protected] with the subject: “Turn Lights On”.  We’ll be letting our winner know on Facebook, click here to like our page.

There’s loads to get out of the day!

Are you an Innovator? Venturefest Wales can give you a number of opportunities to find the support you need, including:

  • Funding Stream workshops to meet with potential investors to test your ideas or to try out your proposition to see if your audience is as convinced as you are of the value it will bring.
  • A ‘How To’ workshop stream to learn from others who have developed their business based on innovation.
  • The Innovation Stream to hear about the innovations being developed by others, perhaps in different areas of technology that could add value to your ideas.

Are you an Entrepreneur? Venturefest Wales provides an opportunity to visit:

  • Funding Workshop Stream to hear pitches and presentations from new and growing businesses looking to team up with entrepreneurs with proven business leadership skills.
  • Innovation Workshop Stream to hear from businesses preparing for their next phase of growth while also identifying individuals with specialist skills that their business may need.
  • How To’ Workshop Stream to learn about new forms of business
    support available to your business, while learning from others who
    overcame ‘growing pains’ common to new and high growth businesses.

Are you an Investor? Venturefest Wales is an opportunity to:

  • Attend a Funding Workshop Stream to hear pitches from innovators and entrepreneurs involved in new and growing businesses in a range of sectors seeking investment.
  • Attend an Innovation Workshop Stream to hear from growing businesses that have achieved early success with government support who are now seeking new relationships to consolidate their growth.
  • Meet and connect with other like-minded investors interested in potential collaboration.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there.  Don’t forget to get your chance to be there by registering here.

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