When George Met Russell Brand!

October 7th, 2015

George here fresh from London town! I had the wonderful two days staying in The UK capitol networking at the IoD Convention and I met Russell Brand!

After a day of  inspiration and connecting at the Albert Hall I went to meet a friend in Mayfair at the Westbury Hotel. There I was sipping a margarita and in walked in Russell Brand, yeah Russell brand the Russell brand! 

I left him alone to have his evening with his party but I was dying to tell him about Turn Lights On.  He speaks so much about the need for more compassion and kindness in this world and as TLO is all about that, I felt he needed to know we shared the planet!

I was glancing over and my stomach was flipping with nerves and then I had my moment, he was leaving so I grabbed a business card and run after him!  I was shaking all over and to be honest, the rest is a bit of a blur.  I told him about it and he was interested and wished me good luck, took my card and said that we would see each other soon.  It would be most amazing if that really happens.

All the way home on the train I was thinking how kind and how utterly beautiful he was.  Thoughts of how I wished I could have asked him to be interviewed on #TLOTV or give him a book.  You know we all get the “I wish” thoughts after the event however today I’m just proud that I approached him and delighted that he knows that there are things like TLO exist in the world.

I would love to to share all of our ambitious plans and hear his thoughts about them.

If he ever gets to read this I just want to say thank you Russell for turning my lights on and turning so many lights on with the excellent work you do.

I’m on a mission now to give him his own copy of Turn Lights On the book, wish me luck!

If you could help me with my mission by sharing this blog or any ideas that I could get another chance to  tell a less squiffy, rambled, nervous delivery of our movement to Russell don’t be shy… comment below and let me know!

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