TLOTV Episode 13: 5 Ways To Be A TLO Superstar At Work!

November 23rd, 2015

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about the #TLOTV interview with the superstar that is my mum.   I chatted to her the other day and she was really chuffed with how it went, one of her friends said she should have her own show and I have to agree!

As many of you know Matt works with me at TLO and has done since May this year.  In this time we have shared many highs and lows as you do when you are running a start up business.  Working with one person all the time is intense however lucky for me I get to work with Matt!

Matt took a rather large risk to work at TLO going from a  large corporate top job to working with me in my loft inspiring people to do good and feel good.

I was so pleased to do this interview with Matt as he is always behind the camera and people always  ask me “When will Matt be on TLOTV?”… in this episode he truly shines!

5 ways to be a TLO Superstar at work:

I’m really grateful for the relationship I have with Matt.  I recognise that most people have to work with people closely so I thought I would put some things that Matt and I value and trust…

1. Honesty – We say when we are not happy and we call each other when we are not being kind to each other.  It’s not in a aggressive way just a “I’ve noticed you are getting annoyed, what is wrong?”

2. Fun – We often sing and dance together in my loft not all day just the odd musical when our energy is low to get back on track!

3. Connection – We always greet each other with a hug and a kiss and we end the day the same!

4. Challenge –  We challenge ourselves and call each other when we see we are not being the best versions of ourselves again in a neutral way, just saying what we have noticed!  We there to build each other up and never to put each other down!

5. Focus – We say every day what will success look like at the end of the day so we are both focused on the same things.

Looking at this it’s clear how much Matt is a superstar, the Superstar Entourage is a section in the Turn Lights On book and it talks about the power of your network, we are happier together and I am certainly happier with Matt!

Enjoy episode 13: Click Here!


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