TLOTV Episode 11: How does being Healthy Turn Lights On?

November 11th, 2015

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I trust you enjoyed watching all my mistakes in TLOTV Episode 10 last week.  We had lots of feedback from you saying they enjoyed laughing at me, thanks guys!  Matt and I really do love making TLOTV for you.

TLOTV Episode 11

This week I got to interview my mate Richard Clarke. Richard is a straight talking BSc (Hons) Exercise Scientist, Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Sports Injuries Expert & Nutritionist and a fantastic human being!  He’s committed to helping people wade through the crazy and confusing world of exercise and diet. Richard turns lights on everyday and mostly for the over 40s giving them a brand new lease of life.

I have followed Richard’s journey for some time and have always been impressed with his content, podcast and his cookbook (The Chicken Curry is truly epic)!

My main reason to see Richard was to exchange books and to be honest I haven’t put his down since!  It’s a great read and so quick and easy.  Richard and I made sure that our books are short and snappy as diet and exercise and the turn lights on practice is not about the theory it’s about the application of the knowledge so we are both from the school of thought of less talking about change and more living it.

You Can get a copy of Richards Book Here!

I trust you will enjoy this interview with Richard as much as I enjoyed doing it, I’m thrilled that I’ve stayed in touch with Richard since attending school together and it’s great to know that we are both committed to helping people live an healthy energetic life.

Thanks to Richard for constantly inspiring me to do my best, he is super a superstar to me!


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