TLOTV Episode 12 Accept Yourself and Live a Happier Life Today!

November 18th, 2015

This week’s TLOTV was a massive treat for me and a treat for you I trust.  I did a interview with one of the most inspiring women I know, my mother.

Interviewing My Mother on TLOTV

My mother Anne Jones is a truly wonderful person.  I made sure I dedicated my first book to my parents to show how important they are to me.  My mother is the oldest of 6 children she has spent most of her life looking after and caring for other people.  She’s a master of Inspiring people (turning people’s lights on) with her quote of the day club that she does on Twitter, Facebook and email. Every day she sends a thought provoking inspiring quotation that she picks.
I am always impressed with the consistency of her quotes they always go out even on Christmas Day.

The reason why I wanted to speak to mammy (yes I call her mammy) is because I wanted to show people that I used to be such a different person.  From changing the way I think and feel through the Turn Lights On Practice I now have a different life a more happy and energetic life with less worry, doubt, stress and general unhappiness.

This comes across in episode 11 of TLOTV.  I used to have such a low opinion of myself and put others views and opinions of me in a higher regard.  This brought so many problems and challenges.  The need to be accepted was so high and the only person’s acceptance that was important was mine however I didn’t understand that at the time.

Here’s another example of how Mammy Turns Lights On.  Through her peg dolls!  “If they’ve made you smile, they’ve done their job!” Anne Jones.


Accept Yourself and Live A Happier Life From Today

Here are some of my TLO Tips:

1. Observe when you are seeking approval.  Question why you need it so much, observe don’t judge!  You will start seeing some clues, don’t panic about this just explore,
2. Ask yourself “What is my opinion of what I just did” before you seek.
3. Do your best in what you do, you can never do more than your best.
4. Lighten up.  Your ego will make things all very heavy and serious,  in the grand scheme of things does it matter.  Get some perspective. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem.  They just are!
5. Remain present.  A present mind is a clear mind and if you are seeking and needing that is going to cloud your judgement.

So enough from me, thank you to my Mum for giving up her time!  Check out the latest on TLOTV now: Click here!

Have a great week in giving yourself a break!


PS Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think of the latest Episode of TLOTV!

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