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March 25th, 2016

Hi Everyone It’s George Here,

I have to say I’m having the best week, probably the best one this year! I had to share with you why…

My Amazing Weekend At A Yoga Retreat

Last weekend I stopped, I rested, I read, I turned my phone off, I did yoga, I ate cake without feeling guilty, I did walking meditation, I did kind deeds for nothing in return, I chatted about my feelings with new people.  I walked by the sea, I gazed at views of the ocean, I laughed hard at nothing.

I felt joy, sense of calm, clarity and perspective. How did I do this? On the most beautiful Yoga retreat in West Wales.

Seascape at Retreat

A retreat even has the word treat in it because that’s exactly what it is.  The odd thing is before I went I felt guilty because I thought I didn’t have time for this sort of thing, and because I wasn’t feeling that stressed – what a bonkers thing to think!  Why do I have to get to burn out to then treat myself?  I say all the time that you can’t give from an empty cup and to be honest, I’ve been feeling empty so much lately with the demands of the business and life.

I spent this weekend focusing on me and as a result this week I had more energy, creativity and I’ve been much more focused on giving to other people.  My self awareness has increased massively and that’s one of the things that can take a hit when we’re stressed.  How many times have you upset someone because you didn’t give them time!?

We can only give to others when we give to ourselves.  What are you doing to give to you?  I sometimes forget the impact looking after ourselves has on our performance and general happiness because it’s not what’s focused on in this world.

What Do You Do To Top Up Your Light?

We are sold: Work hard + Do more (with less) + Strive + Cram.  Do just one more meeting.  Do just one more email.  Looking after yourself is your first job.  I was facilitating our event in Manchester last week and we did an exercise on what turns peoples’s light on and there was a lady in the group and said:

“I rarely do things that turns my light on.  I always say I haven’t got time because I’m not making time for me so everything I am doing is slower and rushed, causing me not to have enough time. I think it’s time to take that bubble bath.”

It can be putting your phone down for a hour, having a bath, mediating, Yoga or anything that turns your light on and tops up your energy.  You’ll spend your time wiser as you will be aware, calmer, content, centred… have you got time to be that?

The Turn Lights On Digital Detox

Since I started Turn Lights On I’ve had so many questions about Workshops, Courses and Retreats.  For that reason I’m excited to let you know that our first retreat has been planned for May 13th, 14th and wrapping up on Sunday 15th.

You’ll leave the weekend feeling refreshed, inspired and relaxed ready for the week ahead.  I want as many people as possible to benefit from the weekend with some walking meditation, great food, in a lovely setting and some workshops that will make you feel instantly more empowered.  I would love to see you there.  To join us just click below.

Read More Here

Thanks for reading the blog entry, our first one on our new website!  Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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