Cardiff To Be The Capital of Kindness For The UK

April 13th, 2016
The Cardiff 30

On the first Thursday of every month there are a pocket of people in Cardiff who get together with one agenda, and that is the agenda to be kind.  They learn to be kinder to themselves and spread kindness to whoever they meet.

Cardiff Lighters is made up of people that are in the Turn Lights On community.  TLO for short is  a practice that enriches your relationships and your communication.  It’s been set up by me, Georgina Jones, to get people together offline.  We have an active community online with #TLOTV viewers as well as other social platforms! You really benefit from connection when you’re in the room, present and there with people minus a screen.


Wanting to do something different this month in Cardiff Lighters event, we decided to have a board games night – it was so much fun!

Cardiff Kindness

We put the games out on the tables and before you knew it the noise level increased decibel by decibel.  Twister, Buckaroo and the ‘hit of the night’  Articulate.


I did plan to do a talk about the power of connection and how to improve the quality of your relationships and then I looked around the room and realised I didn’t need to.  Everyone was laughing, smiling, connecting with a sprinkle of healthy competition!  The board game had achieved everything that my talk was going to cover – magic!


So what else do we want to achieve for Cardiff Lighters?

Well last night we were chatting about making Cardiff the Capital of Kindness for the United Kingdom, and all that will be down to us, the people of Cardiff!

We talked about little kindness acts like:

  • Opening doors for people
  • Asking visitors if they need directions when they are looking lost with a map
  • Helping less fortune people than us such as the wonderful people of the Big issue in Cardiff
  • Helping some of our fantastic welsh charities like LLamau, Ty Hafan, Tenuous, Bobath, Golfa to name but a few
  • Checking in on a Elderly neighbour
  • Giving up your seat on the bus
  • When someone empties the general waste bins or picks up rubbish say thank you
  • Smiling at strangers  just because
  • Giving compliments
  • Thanking the postman
  • Having patience with people in crowds
  • Asking the thousands of people that serve you in a shop, a bar a coffee shop how they are

DISCLAIMER – All of the above are compromised when we:

  • Don’t take care of ourselves so we are so drained and tired we are unaware of our actions
  • We are too busy so we just don’t see people
  • We are too in our head because we are constantly thinking and plugged into our screens
  • Focused on things that don’t matter
  • Regarding status and “stuff” more important than people
  • Consumed with worry about the past
  • Stressed about what is going on
  • Anxious, so we are not present as our mind is racing to the future

Kindness is a present and conscious priceless act.

Cardiff Lighters is growing in popularity so every month we are creating a kinder Cardiff and that can only be a good thing.

So if you fancy meeting new people and you are passionate about being kind and creating kind come and join us. The next one 12th May 2016 in the home of Cardiff Lighters KIN + ILK.  Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted on the free tickets release date.

Have a lovely weekend practicing kindness.  Start with you and pat yourself on the back for all the things you have done this week. Stop, take a moment and reflect on all the things that you have done, said, created and give yourself a high five.

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