When George Went To London To Meet Gary Vee

April 5th, 2016
Gary V

I met Gary Vaynerchuk the other day, I know a few of you will be thinking “Oh my word, how cool!” and some of you will be thinking “Who the hell is he?”.

Here is some background on who Gary Vee is, in his words…

“For those that don’t know me, in my earlier days as a budding businessman and entrepreneur, I took my passion for wine and turned that into one of the biggest shows and channels on YouTube. That show landed me appearances on The Conan O’Brien Show, Ellen, CNN, etc. while amassing a social following of millions and establishing me as a “guru” (I’m not a guru) of sorts in the Social Media, Marketing, and Personal Branding worlds. From there, I became an early investor in platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook and co-founded VaynerMedia, which is now a 600 person digital agency that represents the social presence of brands like Pepsi-Co, General Electric, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.”

To find out more about the amazing Gary Vee you can visit his website!

Gary V

So he is a big deal and I very much respect him for the following reasons…

He promotes self awareness: We have to understand and give to ourselves before we can really understand and give to others.  Taking things personally and being ego led is the result of not accepting things about yourself.

Take me for example; I accept that I have a weakness when it comes to data and figures!  This is why I’ve always paid for support, had mentors that are digit geniuses and of course have amazingly detailed people like Matt (Who you might recognise from #TLOTV) on my team!  Knowing what you are good at is key.

He speaks his truth: He’s marmite! I know people that LOVE his videos and people that can’t watch even a second. Not everyone is going to chime with you and being a people pleaser makes us have a beige message.  Gary is authentic which is so inspiring, and instils confidence in me to speak my truth.

He has a balanced approach: He’s a family man as well as a business man and knows the important of having a good sense of focus on both.  I’ve been very guilty in the past of putting my work before the people that I love as I love my work so much. You’ll never regret spending time with the people that matter; Gary reminds me of that- read his Twitter bio for proof!

He doesn’t stop growing, learning and developing: Gary must have a crystal ball somewhere as he has predicted so many amazing developments regarding the way we use and see social media.  This comes from learning, looking and being in flow with what’s happening.

Life is happening now.   The world is constantly spinning and moving.  Energy + flow is happening, you can’t stop it and resistance is just rejecting what is inevitable.  Go with the changes and be the change.  That’s when you’re steps ahead others.  Being aware and present is one of the secrets of success and Gary is the master of it!

He is living proof that we’re all meant to do our special something.  I know that we all have something to contribute to the world (Our Purpose!) and when that’s unlocked we can do it effortlessly. That could be baking, singing, problem solving… whatever.

There are things that you can do so so easily; you just don’t value them as they don’t come hard and we’re taught to value hard work!  We take things that come easily for granted.

What Happened When I Saw Gary…

I watched him on stage in London and he dealt with a huge crowd with ease, with so much style and smashed difficult questions in a hot, stuffy room that had 500 people in!  In spite of a book signing that lasted for ages his lights where beaming, he was present and really connected to everyone there including himself.

2016-04-04 06.37.21

This is Kate one of my besties having a photo with Gary in London on his instagram! We’re also in one of the DailyVee Episodes: ‘I Wish‘. (We’re in this bit!)

I was so inspired after the evening in London I decided to send Gary a video of my own to say that I would love to work with his team so they can use the power of the TLO practice in their lives to benefit them, their friends, family and vayner customers.

As you can imagine he’s a busy guy so hasn’t yet been in touch… Yet!

That’s where I want your help! I want to get his attention… the best way to get the attention of the social media king? Social Media!

I would love you to click the buttons below and tell him about why you think TLO Rocks with the hashtag #OiGary to get him in the know about the wonderful world of TLO! 

Tweet Him!

Facebook Him!

Lets turn some lights on, this is our chance to spread the power of what TLO can offer.

Thank you everyone.  I’m so grateful to know that TLO is helping people and by shouting about it we will get even more people Turning Lights On and making happiness their habit, I truly believe the world needs it.

Love always,



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