K- I-N-D

April 28th, 2016
kindness to yourself

Kindness is something that is practiced and the first person that benefits from this practice is you. People tell me all the time I’m my own worse critic, I’m so hard on myself but I’m a perfectionist (like that is a good reason to be tough on yourself!) Stop. Be aware of when you are cracking the whip on yourself.

Being unkind to yourself does not make you achieve more, it actually stresses you. Piling the pressure on will result in your achievements being one long hard slog, it doesn’t need to be like that we have created something to remind you.

When you are writing your journal or popping off to sleep each night have a think if you have been K -I-N-D to yourself that day.

K is for knowing. Knowing yourself so you are not so swayed by how others feel and think of you. You know what is right for you always, if you just listen to yourself and trust yourself. Pleasing people is the road to a whole load of trouble as you are putting your happiness in someone else’s hands.

I is for intuition, a wise person said to me once, if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Following that gut feeling and listening to your gut is someone that never lets you down. Your brain is not the only part of the body that gives you guidance.

N is for noticing, notice when you say things that don’t serve you, “oh I am too old to do that” “I’m fat”, “I’m stupid”, all the other horrid stuff we think or say about ourselves. Be aware of your unkindness and correct yourself with something that is encouraging like you would for a friend. Do not judge yourself. You are breaking bad habits and that takes time, love and patience. You are worth it.

D is for do it, That spa day that you haven’t booked, the time you are going to make to walk  on a lunchtime, read that book. Act now, make kindness a priority. I start my day with yoga as that is the ultimate kind act for my mind and my body. It doesn’t have to be yoga it can be walking, running, mediation an extra 2 mins in the shower. Start with topping yourself up with kindness so you are ready to give it away.


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