May: We are Switching Off

May 17th, 2016

Hello Everyone,

For those who don’t know me I’m George the founder of Turn Lights On, a company that help makes happiness a habit supporting people in many ways to live a lighter happier  and wide awake life.

Now on to May, how did we get this far into May already? Can someone tell me where this year is going? May is our ‘Digital Detox’ month and we have been (and will be) sharing lots of lovely stuff relating to digitally detoxing.

We have already shared with the press data that our friends at Innocent Drinks have gathered about peoples relationship with technology, when I acted as a spokesperson for Innocent. I will also be speaking in their magical festival Innocent Unplugged a festival dedicated to unplugging and relaxing.


I've _unplugged_v2

It seems funny that most of our communication with our community happens online and we are focusing in May to detox and spending less time online, why would we do that? Everything is a balance and we help you to make happiness a habit and spending hours in front of a screen is not good for your mind and relationships as you already probably know. We are going to share some science, stats and eye opening content so you can be aware of what the glow of the blue screen doing!

We aim in the month of May to restore the balance and give you some tips and challenges with blogs, videos, retreats, Cardiff lighters, Tweets and our active Facebook page.

You can check out some of our tips in the lastest TLO TV

We have also run our first retreat  in May where we spent a fabulous weekend unplugging on the beautiful Welsh coastline. The wonderful weekend was food for the soul, where our lovely group of retreaters learned happiness habits to add to their lives and understand the power of what turning someones light can do. We really hope they all enjoyed it, and that it will super charge there communication and relationships. It was also just a good time to rest, relax and be not do!

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