Even Bear Grylls feels fear!

June 29th, 2016

The fear! God I have suffered from this baby in my time and still do. Relax people, you don’t need to be fearless, it’s a myth that we have been sold. Fear is natural, it’s a part of life and a useful emotion that has kept us safe for centuries. Fear can really affect your presence, taking you out of the moment  you are in. It will make you feel scared, nervous and worried, causing you to easily lose the momentum to do what you need to do. You, me , the bravest person you know and even Bear Grylls all experience the jitters. Watch this clip about what Bear says about it.

How to embrace fear and ‘JFDI’ (Just effin’ do it)!

I think it’s interesting the way Bear mentions the feeling he gets before he does something, there is joy in facing that fear without resistance. If we are frightened of experiencing it we will inevitably miss out on something that we want to do. Seeing the nerves as something that comes with growth,  and accepting and embracing it is where the power lies.

In Turn Lights On the book I dedicate a chapter to The Fear Factor as is can really effect our light. I break it down to three steps…

  1. Recognise it
  2. Accept It
  3. Act on it

It is ok, normal and safe to feel nervousness so recognising that feelings and the accompanying thoughts is the first step. Asking  yourself, Is this just fear talking? Does this excuse come from fear?

Then accept it and embrace it.  Yes you are feeling it, so it must be time to do something pretty exciting and something that demands a little bit more than your usual day.

Then a splash of JFDI (Just effin’ do it) – Do it, don’t let anything stand in your way. Letting how you feel win is a complete high five victory for your ego.  Ego and fear are best buddies and neither want you to make a fool of yourself or to be vulnerable,  don’t consult them when you want to JFDI.  Being completely present is where courage lives.  This is where we really shine.

If you want some support and you would like a free chapter of Fear Factor from the Turn Lights On book email us and we will send it to you so you can be as brave a Bear!

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