A Vote of Confidence!

July 4th, 2016

Just wanted to share with you another new thing that we’re doing!  Yes there’s another new thing; a Web Workshop on confidence!  The last two years we’ve been exploring many new ways to engage with you and the growing Turn Lights On community.

We are doing our first Web Workshop!  We’ll explore one of my favourite subjects… Confidence!

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I’ve been passionate about supporting people with their confidence throughout my career.  When I work with you on confidence I come from a place of empathy as most of you have read in Turn Lights On the book.

I run a popular course for Cardiff University called Confident Communications and have enjoyed some wonderful results.

Here is Sian’s story who attended the course:

“Communication sounds like such a simple word but how it s done can have huge implications on a situation. I’m a physiotherapist and I work in elite sport but I often felt that I wasn’t eloquent and wasn’t able to express myself in the way I wanted to. In an attempt to better myself at this I attended a communication workshop which is where
I came across the concept of TLO. I was intrigued and curious to learn more. There are so many ways that TLO has helped me but the most significant has been around being in the moment and the record I was playing.

I was preparing for an interview for selection for the Rio Olympic games and there were so many negative thoughts about past things and future what ifs going through my head but I kept reminding myself about what record was I playing and what I needed to do in the now. This really helped me focus on how I approached the interview and I even used being in the here and now to answer a question! I’m happy to say that my performance at that interview was the best I’ve given and I know that it was because I was practicing concepts from TLO. What I am tying to do now is make small changes to various aspects of my life to allow this positivity to impact on my life in other ways.”

I aim to help millions of people with their confidence using my unique TLO tools.  For me to actually help millions it’d take me several lifetimes in a classroom setting!  This is why I’m looking for ways that technology can help, such as My Happy Place the online ‘coach in your pocket’ that we’re developing and now our first Web Workshop that will focus on your confidence.  Here are all the details for the Workshop:

Get My Free Space!

Sign up and check it out… what’ve you got to lose?  Know someone who’d like to get free access too?  Feel free to send them on the link!


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