How to deal with cynics

August 2nd, 2016

Last night during #TLOTV someone asked me ‘how do you deal with cynics’,  I answered but I left out a few things which I want to tell you lovely lighters.

Dealing with challenging situations and people is always easier when you’re in a good place. That’s why it’s the days when you’re tired and out of sorts that people ‘do your head’ in and you’re easy to wind up. Is it them, or you? Newsflash it is always you! No one can effect you without your permission,  so this is why you MUST (and I use that word firmly) have things in your life just for you. Making sure that you are in a good place is key to practicing TLO.

People that hurt are hurting

Turn Lights On is a community of people that give, and this starts with us first. When we are in a place to understand that’s when we can communicate openly, freely without our greedy egos getting in the way demanding to be heard and recognised, because really that’s all is needed: a bit of self care and understanding.

The image is of some lightbulbs from one of our Lighters events, I invite people to write down all the things that turn their light on. That’s self care right there. You can’t ignite another person if your own flame isn’t burning bright. Create your list today of all the things that top up your energy, make you feel good and do them to your heart’s content, life is too short not to!

Taking things personally is saying ‘that everything is about you’. Things that people do is because of them. not about you. I often see this on Facebook. I will post something that people will comment on, not because it is fantastic (although I like to say I put out quality content, ha!) it’s because it resonates with them and it ticks their boxes. If I put something out regarding children the mums and dads respond, on my personal account anything I post about Ibiza all my Ibiza chums like my post, it’s simple people do things based on their own needs, wants and agenda. Someone said to me once

“George if you knew what the world world thought of you, you would be depressed”

Really does it matter! Worrying what cynics think of you is wasted energy, so be aware of what effects you and have ways to deal with things, my tips with cynics…

  1. Don’t take it personally it’s not all about you, give your ego a holiday.
  2. Be in a place to understand, give to yourself, have a daily practice that feeds your soul so you’re ready for the day. Running on empty will make you sensitive to people and misinterpret them.
  3. Ask questions and never assume. You may think they are criticising but they may just be interested and inquisitive.
  4. Feedback is powerful and the hard stuff is the stuff we grow and learn by. Be open to people asking questions and giving their opinion, it could be life changing.
  5. Find out what’s really going on. We sometimes skirt around the issue and low and behold it’s about something else, asking ‘how are you doing today?’ may be the start of understanding.


Any questions you know where I am, comment below. If you want us to help you with a daily practice we are launching our online programmes in September and you can join the waiting list, it will be LUSH to have you with us.

Have a great day, Turn Lights On

George x


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