Life is made up of meetings and partings.

August 25th, 2016

“Life is made up of meetings and partings”, said Kermit the Frog.

I am mentioning this as I want to share with you a current meeting and sadly a parting. Today is Matt Davies’ last day at Turn Lights On. Matt has been with us for over a year and now it is time for him to start another exciting chapter.

I first met Matt when he was dressed as Baby Spice which I must say he pulled off with style and grace! In the brief time I have known him I have really got to know the person that so many people love. I know Good Luck leaving messages statements make the person sound like a saint, but Matt is one hell of a person.

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His default is happy and kind, he is such a wonderful person to have around you. He lives Turn Lights On, like we both do. I think my fondest memories are of Matt and I turning lights on. Going to a coffee shop or shop and letting people shine, sharing a moment, a giggle and being in the conversations we started!




IMG_4119 copy



I know that Matt will carry on Turning Lights On and spreading positivity and joy as that is what he does, that is his way of being and it’s beautiful to be around. He has not just got an amazing attitude: his passion, energy, willingness to learn and talent has enabled us to be in the positive position we are in, with clear vision on how we can support people to BE in their lives and enjoy their lives.

Tonight in Cardiff at 5pm we will be having a cocktail or Mocktail In Be at One, you are most welcome to join us.


So I have told you what Matt means to me, so now your turn. Comment on the blog or our social Media. Let’s Turn Matt’s Lights On today for his last day because he has probably turned yours on!


Love you Matt and thank you from us all.





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