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December 21st, 2016
21 moments

Hello Everyone,

Well I have been a bit quiet recently! Just to stress, we haven’t been to Ibiza living it up (which is a terrible shame!) we have had our noses to the grindstone. I have been cutting my teeth on what it is like to go digital!

I have been working face to face for many years, I have worked with audience sizes ranging from 1 – 1500 and there is nothing like it, the energy and buzz you feel from helping people. I love giving people skills, tricks and tips and then afterwards hearing them relay something I shared with them. Feedback to me is essential for my growth and enjoyment. This is why my journey to creating digital courses has been a a huge learning experience and a little tricky at times.

My challenges have been:

Creating programmes that translate from training room to screen

Not having the beauty of people with me and the energy exchange that I love

Taking to a camera instead of a room full of humans with hearts and minds

It felt awkward and hard and dare I say not enjoyable at times, then it dawned on me!

A successful digital programme will help me reach more hearts and minds and one day fingers crossed I will get to meet them. More people knowing about TLO will enable more people to live TLO, creating a kinder world. So I settled my ego down and got to work on the course and ended up loving it.

The testers for the programme have raved about how real it feels. I so didn’t want a sterile course, against a green screen delivered by someone that you can’t connect with.

I have created something that fits into your life from ‘the loft’ as that has been the home of TLO from the start.  I don’t talk “proper” I talk with my finest Welsh accent (including some dodgy grammar at times!). I am me with my simple and powerful message.

So drum roll please, here it is. Everything is on the link. turnlightson.thinkific.com/courses/21-moments

A few thank you to the most wonderful people that made this happen.

My investors: Hayley Parsons, Ashley Cooper and the beautiful Kathryn Malifatti

My Besties: Kath Denton and Paula Morris

The Cardiff 30: for being the first testers for the programme

Matt and Gwyneth: for helping me lay the groundwork

The Talented Storm and Shelter

Josh for making it pretty

And the biggest thank you goes to Sarah “I can do anything” Campodonic, could not have done it without her.

WOW that was a bit like the Oscars! I trust you will enjoy the course and for a moment it’s only £21 so a bonus!

Love always

George x

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