Let go or be dragged.

January 12th, 2017
Let go or be fragged

You may have read a fair few blogs helping you find the ‘new you’ or promising you to ‘be the best in 2017’, well I’m here to pose another idea which is a lot less work and more rewarding.

Before you start committing yourself to a load of new stuff that you ‘think’ you should  do, stop!  I bet you are pretty amazing when you don’t put all that pressure on yourself  or give yourself a hard time for just being you.

As you maybe aware  I am a big journal fan. I write one every night much to the wonder of Gareth my partner who is intrigued with how much I am writing and what I’ve got to say (fingers crossed he doesn’t read it to find out!). Around New Years eve every year I read my journal and look at the patterns, lessons, and successes of the previous year. I’m never disappointed in what it teaches me and I take those learnings onto the next year. I write the lessons learnt in the front of the new year’s diary as a little warning to avoid a rinse and repeat life, where I keep on doing the same things expecting to get a different result.

I had 67 lessons last year, don’t worry I will not go through all 67!  I am going to share with you the NUMBER ONE, the one that if  applied to my life will make me a happier, freer, calmer  walking ball of sunshine. That lesson is..’LET GO’. This quote sums it up beautifully;

“Let go or be dragged.”

By holding on, trying to be in control or interfering, you will be dragged and if you’re anything like me you can get dragged into dark horrible places. Dragged by what people said, what you did, regrets, worries or need for approval. Silly thoughts that are not real  but effect your reality.

The ‘how’ of letting go is an interesting one. I will be honest, for me some things are hard to shake off, like people who have hurt me and things I’m not proud of, but  without the attachment I wouldn’t have ended up hurt. I am so fascinated by this topic because it has caused me so much pain and I see it in others. I’m sure we have friends and family that show signs of holding on to the past, which is a joy blocker! It is blocking joy in the present moment and letting go will set you free.

I have mentioned this before but here it is again. Letting go is easy and holding on is harder. Holding on takes it’s toll on your happiness and health so here are some of the things I do. I hope this helps you either  let go  yourself or pass this to someone in your life that could do with it. I am looking into the possibility of another online course with lots of letting go exercises as I feel it could help some lighters be lighter!  Here are my tips…

  1. Forgive yourself! Be kind, it’s happened and hurting yourself all the time is not helping. Let go, it’s blocking your joy. Be mindful when you have the thought and say “thanks but I forgive myself so I don’t have to dwell on it”
  2. Write a letter, up to you if you want to send it but writing it and destroying it is good enough
  3. Trust in the lesson, it is what it is. Life is not peachy always, it happened because it was meant to happen, trust that it was a lesson and find the learning.
  4. Stop bloody going on about it! Every time you mention or moan about it you add more energy to it.
  5. Accept what is. Stop having that pretend conversation in the car or thinking about what you should have done. It is over and there is no other outcome only the outcome that happened.

How to be less grabby to avoid the above ball of rubbish

Stop trying to be in control, you aren’t! accept it. There is a bit you can control in your life, but the way that people treat you or think about you is none of your business

Lighten up, don’t be so serious about stuff, life is pretty funny and drama always has an element of comedy, your ego really wants to be taken seriously with it’s principles, laugh at yourself

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – We are challenged to change ourselves” Viktor Frankl and another one that I love from Viktor Frankl “What is to give light must endure burning”

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all a wonderful year.




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