Being a successful introvert

April 11th, 2017

The Power of Introverts

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about the power of introverts. Books like quiet explore this topic really well. I am often asked, do you have to be an extrovert to benefit from the TLO principles? I always reply far from it.

When I reflect back on my time in Admiral, some of my favourite leaders were introverts. And now I know more introverted entrepreneurs than extroverted. This is a topic that fascinates me. And the reason why I’m thrilled to have Dan Cassel, one of the founders of Go Compare speak at our next Monday Like a Friday event.

Originally with an IT background, Dan played a key role in the success of a large comparison site before co-founding and becoming the IT Director. After 11 years at Gocompare, Dan has used his IT knowledge to develop internal fraud systems and analytics to help in the industries fight against fraud.

This talk will be great for all types of introverts and extroverts. It is a great reminder to us all that we all see the world in different ways and process information and experiences differently.


Our Monday Like a Friday events take place in partnership with 29 Park Place. They are held in the morning to aid you to have an inspired and energised week. The event is ideal for people that want to network with positive people and celebrate the week instead of dreading Monday.

At Monday Like a Friday we have talks, a silent disco, of course tea coffee and a light breakfast to keep you shining all day. We also have Qigong which is powerful energy session (bit like Tai Chi). You pick what you want to do, if dancing is not your thing, that’s ok. If you prefer to listen to the talks only, that’s ok.  When visioning this event I wanted to make sure there was no “forced fun” you get energy in all different ways and we have catered for all types of people, it is far from happy clappy!

Tickets are available here

If you would like more information about our corporate discounts email us on [email protected]




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