How is getting up at 7am going to help you?

April 20th, 2017


It’s Monday morning. The alarm has gone off an hour earlier than usual and this is your choice! You drag yourself out of bed and you do your usual morning stuff. But instead of going straight to work, you go to 29 Park Place. Yeah, the bar you spent Friday in drinking a well-deserved Gin and Tonic or two. This time though, as it is 7.00am on a MONDAY MORNING, you’re waking yourself up with a tea or steaming cup of coffee with people that appear to be as mad as you!

Imagine spending the first few hours of a new week surrounded by positivity, passion, and music. Listening to an inspiring speaker, putting some headphones on and get jiggy at the silent disco. Gently getting your body moving with a bit of yoga. Connecting with like-minded crazies who also want to make every moment of their week count, not just the weekend.

Monday Like a Friday isn’t just an event.  It’s about getting out of bed on the most hated day of the week and punching the air with excitement. It’s about empowering yourself and spending your precious time with people who light you up. It’s about doing things that energise and inspire you.

You get to listen to awesome speakers like Jeff Smith, who spoke about his trip to climb a little hill called Everest. You can dance like it’s 1999 because you’re surrounded by people that aren’t going to judge you. You can just be yourself, which your ego will hate and your heart will love.

Monday Like a Friday is about not waiting for Friday to live and wishing your week away. You have one life and time is your biggest asset. Spend it wisely and appreciate every minute of your life. There are 10080 minutes in a week and most people live for just 2880 of them. It’s time to claim back the lost 7200!

Come with some mates to our next ‘Monday Like it’s a Friday’ on 24th April 2017.

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