Make Wales Happy! 

January 22nd, 2018

Welsh Happiness Day

The BBC are on a mission to Make Wales Happy and we have the power in our hands to join them.

We have been making Wales happy turning people’s lights on since 2014 and here is our chance to go for it. 23rd January is a day where we focus on connection, being in the moment, spreading joy and happiness

That day you could turn many peoples lights on, from the Lollypop lady that you pass on the street to your boss in work.

Turn Lights On tips

  1. Slow down
  2. Eye contact
  3. Smile
  4. Ask open questions, how, what, why, when
  5. Listen
  6. Make the other person feel special
  7. Give the other person all your attention
  8. Share a moment

This could be a meaningful smile to a full-blown conversation where you both feel totally connected and understood. A lot of the time we can be buried in our phones or our thoughts but together we can wake people up and help make Wales Happy for a day.

When you have turned someone’s lights on share it!

Tweet, Instagram or Facebook a emoji lightbulb, who and where it was in Wales. You can put what happened if you have time as we would love to know! #WelshHappinessDay

At the end of the day I will count up all the lights.  Can you imagine the impact we could make?

We can make Wales Happy for one day and you never know it may just stay that way!




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