Meet, Compete And Turn Lights On

Event date: 07 Apr 2016

Every month we host a free catch-up in Cardiff with inspirational talks and the chance to meet and connect with a lovely bunch of people.

In April we invite you to ‘Meet And Compete’, an evening dedicated to playing 80s board games –  a bit like Christmas but without the indigestion. If your family is anything like mine sometimes your kindness can be tested with the intensity of a game of monopoly.

Will you be kind and play Buckaroo without leaving the heavy bucket to someone else?  Be present enough to hold that pose in a  game of Twister? Sharpen your listening skills to remember whether it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the candle stick.

We have had two Free Turn Lights On Cardiff events and so far the feedback has been wonderful Here is what people say about our events:

“My experience of this event has been an enlightening one, an emotional one and a really positive one”

“Just meeting other people that you know the reason they are in this room is because they care, that’s just lovely to be around”.

“I had a lovely time on Thursday, it was great to meet some new friends and have a bit of a laugh – I was made to feel really welcome. I also loved the talks, really inspirational”

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