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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better or happier, you can check into My Happy Place, our online community.

Here you’ll find the latest information and proven techniques to help grow your happiness, and the opportunity to gain inspiration and support from other members of the community.

Complete with unique exercises, courses and daily guides My Happy Place is your constant companion to help you Turn Lights On and keep them switched on.

Whilst some people are in the fortunate position to engage a life coach, this type of personal one-to-one support is costly. In comparison as My Happy Place is an online subscription and it costs users less than a cappuccino per week at just £10 per month. A small investment to make to give you the opportunity to live a happy and rewarding life.

Is it for me?

When you know you are living life in the moment, when you feel fully energised, contented and fulfilled, that’s when you’ll know what true happiness feels like. If this doesn’t sound like the life you are living today then Turn Lights On really is for you.

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