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MHP gives you the support, the inspiration, the love, the kindness, the friends, the super powers to be a present, kind and conscious you. We found with working with thousands of people they are pretty tough on themselves and that is why they don’t live a life they truly deserve. My Happy Place is always there to feed your soul with what it needs that day.

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Turn Lights On is about being conscious, kind and present in our interactions with others.

We run lots of events for you to do that.

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Our Books 

We create books for you to learn about the Turn Lights On practice, if you are someone that buys books and never reads them (we know there are a lot of you out there as we have done the same loads of times).  You can be guided through the book by George to help you get to the end of it and put the words into practice.

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Have an idea or questions for us?  Have a Turn Lights On Story that you’d like to share?  Want to book us to speak at your event or workplace? Give us a shout; we’d love to hear from you!

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