What is TLO

Inspiring leaders create trusting environments where creativity and innovation soars. Leaders that put people before profits, know that wellbeing is essential for high performance, not just a tick box exercise.

They know that the so-called ‘Soft Skills’ are the ‘Essential skills’ as great listening skills, valuing people for their contribution while working in our fast-paced environments takes energy, effort, commitment and knowledge.

An inspiring leader has to know themselves, be prepared to be vulnerable, know their blind spots, their limitations and have the strength to be courageous.

The Turn Lights On Toolkit is helping leaders to do this.

The best way to describe Turn Lights On is to explain the tool kit. Turn Lights On can be understood but to really benefit from Turn Lights On it’s best to be lived. This is why it has such an impact on companies as it impacts behavioural change.

The TLO Toolkit

What are the TLO tools? They fall under the three headings which are the central values of TLO:

  • Inspire – We explore and learn how to have skills in

    • Self -awareness,
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Mindful practices
    • Mindset techniques
    • Self Care
    • The powerful TLO morning practice
  • Connect -We explore and learn how to have skills in

5 Lights on a day –  5 meaningful interactions a day. This has a huge impact on team communication building stronger teams and deeper relationships

Understanding what impacts connection and breaks it looking at venerability, ego, communication skills.

  • Energise- Covers – We explore and learn how to have skills in

Pay attention to fear, intuition and being in the moment. Generate a safe positive culture.  We explore energy and how we can have more positive energy in our organisations. This also impacts our choices that affect our health such as diet, exercise and digital technology.

I Cannot thank Georgina enough for ‘turning my lights on’.

Totally inspirational and has helped me to think of myself
and others in a different way.

I feel like a weight has lifted.

Natalie – Leader at Admiral PLC

We offer a Complimentary taster session. You can experience what we do before any commitment. Contact us to book a session.


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