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“I wish I did this course 20 years ago “

Caroline Thompson – Entrepreneur Development Manager – Natwest Bank.


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This fits into your life so it doesn’t feel like work. Each morning when you need a shot of Inspiration, log on, be inspred by videos and extracts from the Turn Lights On book or speak to other people doing the programme. This will start your day off to the best start resulting in you having a great day.

  • 21 Inspiring videos from an award winning motivator and TEDx speaker
  • A daily challenge to help you put your new habits into practice
  • A community of people to talk with about your progress
  • The ability to ask Georgina about any questions you have along the way
  • 21 pages of support material giving you examples, ideas so the learning sticks creating lasting change.
  • Full course curriculum below

The areas covered by the course include:

  • The foundations of Turn Lights On
  • Understanding the power of giving and how it can bring so much into your life you maybe missing
  • Learning to connect with people better so you will feel at ease with people you know or want to get to know
  • Self Care, guilt free love and affection for yourself
  • How to feel good while making others feel good
  • What is living in the moment? learning when to notice when you are not so it stops worrying and stress in your life
  • The power of Intention, helping you to focus on what you want and then get it


‘Turn Lights On’ principals, have literally changed my lifeI am less stressed, happier, more effective in my role, more approachable in work and at home and enjoying my job and my personal life more.  I am kinder to myself, living more in the present moment (instead of regretting past or fast forwarding to ‘happier times’) and appreciating all the things I rarely even realised I had, before.

6 months ago I felt frazzled.  Now I actually feel peaceful.  I never even thought that was possible, before.

Mandy Healey – Head of Customer Accounts Admiral PLC.

Resume Course




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