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Hello,  My name is Georgina and I’m the founder of Turn Lights On.

I believe that if you spend time improving the way you connect with others it can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Studies have shown that good relationships make you happier and healthier. The first relationship to start with is the relationship with yourself. The way you speak and treat yourself is key to your success and the way you connect with others.

This is why I’ve created the ‘Turn Lights On’ practice and since 2014 have been helping thousands of people to slow down, take stock and connect with others resulting in them appreciating life and being better at what they do.

The ‘Turn Lights On’ practice has been delivered in many ways; my first book, our online programme, through my speaking, retreats, Events and our leaders and teachers programmes. We are developing services for the Police and also a schools programme for young learners called Little Lights.

I’m so privileged to help people with the Turn Lights On practice and nothing gives me more joy to hear from the impact it has made to people.

Turn Lights On is completely unique and experiential so we run complementary taster sessions a few times a month.  

Contact us to book a slot for your company (UK only at the moment).


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