Turn Lights On specialises in leading engaged teams and is passionate about helping people connect! We have worked with a variety of companies and organisations including Admiral, Office of National statistics and Royal College of Nurses.
We provided courses, training, workshops away-days and more. Contact [email protected] to talk about your specific requirements.

Why companies use Turn Lights On:

  • Disengagement costs. Unengaged workers take more time off and are less productive and profitable overall
  • A more positive work-culture helps minimise the number of people affected by stress, causing less absenteeism and better productivity
  • Organisations with happier employees report greater levels of customer satisfaction
  • Research has shown that low morale cuts productivity by nearly a half. Just a fifth (21%) of British workers consider themselves ‘very effective’ in their current job role. Employees believe that they would be as much as 45% more productive if they were doing a job they loved, and 28% more productive with better training*
  • Turn Lights On is an alternative to mindfulness and meditation, which is not for everyone
*Sourced from


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